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Aubuchon Company Acquiring J.B. Hostetter & Sons

Jack and Kent Hostetter have agreed to sell J.B. Hostetter & Sons in Mount Joy, PA to the Aubuchon Company, the oldest and largest family-owned hardware store chain in America.

Following the closing later this year, the Aubuchon Company will operate 112 stores in 9 states.

“For over 96 years, J.B. Hostetter & Sons has been a destination for customers in Mount Joy, Elizabethtown, and northwest Lancaster County,” said William E. Aubuchon, IV, President & CEO. “The reason they have been so successful for all these years is their commitment to investing in their business and people.”

“Our knowledgeable and experienced team is how we provide outstanding customer service and value to our customers,” says Kent Hostetter. “This has always been so important to our family because our customers are our friends and neighbors. We’re big in service. We fix things. Help people. It’s the whole package. It’s a long-term relationship that we build with our customers”

“Our business has undergone several changes since it began, including acquisitions, new locations, and adding new products and services,” says Jack Hostetter. “Now after 96 years, half of which under our leadership, it is time for us to take a step back and enjoy life with more than work.”

Jack added, “We didn’t want to just sell it to anyone. We wanted to find the best fit for what our customers and staff have grown to expect and a business that really cares. We are very excited to announce that we have found another family business that cares about our mission. Aubuchon Hardware has been operating since 1908 in the New England area, and they own over 100 stores from Maine to Virginia. They will be a wonderful fit to take over the business, and we are so excited to see how it grows and evolves.”

J.B. Hostetter & Sons in Mount Joy, PA.

The store will continue to operate as J.B. Hostetter & Sons, and Kent will continue to be involved as a member of the Aubuchon team.

“We’ll soon be officially welcoming the J.B. Hostetter team to the Aubuchon family. We work hard, care for each other, and have fun,” said Aubuchon. “We couldn’t be more excited to carry on the Hostetter legacy!”

The J.B. Hostetter & Sons team and Aubuchon team celebrating the acquisition!

About J.B. Hostetter & Sons

In 1927, Joseph B. Hostetter retired from a successful farming career in Rapho Township and purchased Gabe Moyer’s hardware store on W. Donegal Street in Mount Joy, PA. The store was renamed J. B. Hostetter & Sons. In 1929, the business acquired Brown Brothers Hardware on Main Street and moved to that location. Joseph retired in the 1950s, passing responsibility for the business to his sons Paris, Irvin, Clarence, and Arthur. In May 1970, J. B. Hostetter & Sons joined Cotter & Co., the True Value Hardware wholesale cooperative. In 1972, the business acquired H.S. Newcomer & Sons, a hardware store located at 93 East Main Street in Mount Joy. Arthur, his wife Clara, and sons Jack & Kent owned and operated this new location. In 1982, Arthur purchased five acres of land with the vision of combining the two stores into one convenient location. With construction completed in 1984, the two stores merged into a beautiful 33,000-square-foot store. A 21,600-square-foot warehouse and two greenhouses were added in 1994. With Arthur’s passing on June 16, 2000, ownership transitioned to his sons Jack (President) and Kent (Vice President). Today, the store employs up to 70 people, offering a variety of goods and services including True Value paint, lawn and garden supplies, rental, appliances, lawn equipment, and in-house service departments.

About the Aubuchon Company

Founded by William E. Aubuchon, Sr in 1908, the Aubuchon Company is the oldest and largest family-owned hardware store chain in America. Now in its fourth generation, the purpose of the Aubuchon Company is “to serve those who depend on us and build on our heritage with passion and humility.” Following the purchase of J.B. Hostetter & Sons, the Aubuchon Company will operate 112 stores in 9 states, predominantly under the “Aubuchon Hardware” brand, but also including “Lyndonville Hardware & Lumber” in Lyndonville, VT, “Village Hardware” in Alexandria, VA, “True Value” in Bucks & Montgomery Counties, PA, “Cornell’s Hardware” in Eastchester, NY, “Martin’s Hardware & Building Supply” in Bristol, VT, “Campbell’s True Value” in Maine, “Zimmerman’s Hardware” in Burtonsville, MD, and now “J.B. Hostetter & Sons” in Mount Joy, PA. The company’s mission is to build up the strongest group of local hardware stores and brands across the country. For more information about the Aubuchon Company, visit To shop online, visit

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