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Aubuchon Company Partners with Upside app to Empower Customers and Drive Revenue

October 26, 2023, Westminster, MA - The Aubuchon Company, the oldest and largest family-owned hardware store chain in America, is thrilled to announce its groundbreaking partnership with Upside, a leading digital marketplace dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses financially.

As the inaugural hardware retailer on Upside's platform, the Aubuchon Company is set to redefine the retail experience by offering customers unique cash back opportunities beyond the traditional food and fuel categories. This collaboration signifies a significant milestone for both companies, marking the expansion of Upside's innovative cash back platform into the hardware retail sector.

William E. Aubuchon, IV, President & CEO of the Aubuchon Company, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "As the Aubuchon Company grows, Upside's digital marketplace provides us with a new avenue to connect with both new and existing customers. This partnership will introduce innovative ways for us to engage digitally with customers, fostering stronger relationships and loyalty.”

Upside, known for transforming brick-and-mortar commerce in the fuel sector, has expanded its success into restaurants and grocery stores, establishing itself as the largest food and fuel network in the United States. With over $5 billion in annual commerce flowing through its platform, Upside has returned $575 million in cash to users, generated $1.3 billion in profit for its retailer partners, and allocated 1% of its revenue to support sustainability initiatives.

Nick Worswick, President of Retailer Go to Market at Upside, stated, “Our goal is to become a digital layer that makes all brick and mortar commerce more economically efficient. We are excited about the strides we are making toward this goal, particularly through our new partnership with the forward-thinking, locally owned and operated hardware retailer, Aubuchon Company."

Cash back opportunities at Aubuchon Company stores within the Upside app.

The partnership not only broadens opportunities for users to earn cash back at new locations but also significantly enhances the marketplace's impact for retailers. By aligning participating retailers with other everyday categories, the Upside platform increases their relevance to consumers.

Worswick emphasized the positive impact on foot traffic, stating, “We look forward to measurably increasing foot traffic at their high-quality locations.” A specific midwestern region case study conducted by Upside found that the addition of grocery and restaurant locations alongside fuel outlets resulted in a 74% increase in Upside app usage and a 50% rise in transactions, leading to a notable 31% increase in incremental revenue for retail partners.

Founded in 1908 by William E. Aubuchon, Sr., the Aubuchon Company operates nine retail hardware brands, with a mission "to serve those who depend on us and build on our heritage with passion and humility." The company aims to build the strongest group of local hardware stores and brands across the country. To learn more about the Aubuchon Company, visit For online shopping, visit

This strategic partnership between the Aubuchon Company and Upside promises a dynamic shift in the retail landscape, combining tradition with innovation to create a seamless and rewarding experience for customers and retailers alike.

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