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Aubuchon Company Acquiring Delray Plus and Other Local True Value Locations

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

November 30, 2021, Westminster, MA — Bob Seminack and Micky Flood, founders and operators of Delray Plus True Value in New Hope, Pennsylvania, including Bob’s son-in-law Dan McLaughlin and Micky’s son Chad Flood, who together separately own and operate three additional nearby True Value stores in Doylestown, Richboro, and Blue Bell, have agreed to sell their businesses to W.E. Aubuchon Co., Inc. (WEA), the oldest and largest family-owned hardware store chain in America.

Following the closing at year-end, the Aubuchon Company will operate 107 stores in 8 states.

“The most important thing you’ll find at all of these stores is a passion for delivering service and building relationships,” said William E. Aubuchon, IV, president & ceo. “Bob, Micky, Dan, and Chad all care deeply about their customers and staff and we promise to do the same.”

“Retailing has been our life’s work,” said Micky Flood. “After more than 40 years, it’s bittersweet to now be selling.”

“Our family is excited to be partnering with the Aubuchons. We both know what it takes to serve customers and operate first-rate local hardware stores. I am confident WEA will maintain and grow what we’ve built for years to come,” added Bob Seminack.

“Once we decided it was time to make this change, we needed to find the right partner. The Aubuchon Company is not a short-term holding company. Family-owned and operated since 1908, their strength, commitment to people, and long-term plans really stood out,” said Dan McLaughlin.

“We’re excited to combine our rich history with WEA, ensuring a bright future for our skilled team and our many loyal customers,” said Chad Flood.

Pictured to the left is the Doylestown, Pennsylvania location, one of the three stores owned and operated by Dan McLaughlin and Chad Flood.

“We are thrilled and honored that Bob, Micky, Dan, and Chad, are handing us the baton,” said Aubuchon. “It’s obvious why they have a fantastic reputation in Pennsylvania’s Bucks & Montgomery Counties — their team is exceptional! As a family company, we work hard, take care of each other, and have fun. We’ll soon be officially welcoming everyone to the Aubuchon family and I can’t wait!”

About Delray Plus Family of Stores

In 1980, Solebury resident Ray DiCrescenzo, along with his sons-in-law, Bob Seminack and Micky Flood, established the Delray Thriftway Supermarket (now Cornerstone Gym) in New Hope Shopping Plaza. They ran this prosperous business for over 20 years. The Delray name originated from Raymond and his wife Adele — DEL RAY — the namesake of the company founder and his wife. In 1998 when another storefront adjacent to the supermarket became available Micky and Bob began thinking in terms of products their customers continuously asked for that they didn¹t sell, such as housewares and hardware supplies. As a result, Bob and Micky opened Delray Plus True Value in 1999. They ultimately sold the supermarket and focused on their new hardware business. For the past twenty-two years Delray Plus True Value has been serving the immediate and surrounding communities in PA including New Hope, Solebury, Lambertville, Buckingham, Carversville, and beyond. In 2014 Micky’s son, Chad Flood, and Bob’s son-in-law, Dan McLaughlin joined the hardware family and opened a True Value in Doylestown, PA. Dan and Chad continued to expand their business with stores in Richboro and Blue Bell.

About W.E. Aubuchon Co., Inc. (WEA)

Founded by William E. Aubuchon, Sr in 1908, the Aubuchon Company is the oldest and largest family-owned hardware store chain in America. Now in its fourth generation, the purpose of W.E. Aubuchon Co., Inc. is “to serve those who depend on us and build on our heritage with passion and humility.” Following the closing of the Delray Plus family of stores, WEA will operate 107 hardware stores in 8 states predominantly under the “Aubuchon Hardware'' brand, but also including “Lyndonville Hardware & Lumber” in Lyndonville, VT, “Village Hardware” in Alexandria, VA, and “True Value” in Bucks & Montgomery Counties, PA. The company’s mission is to acquire the strongest local hardware stores and brands across the country. For more information about the Aubuchon Company visit To shop online visit

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